Children’s Classic Concerts

We've been busy bees! Check out the latest news & musical mayhem from the CCC tour!

So, it's definitely time for a catch up on what we've been getting up to over the past few weeks!

Owen & Olly have had a blast with helping you to create fabulous funky instruments from everyday junk and jamming with you all in their Garbage Band! The lovely people of Glenrothes and Killin had the chance to join in first, but don't worry we're coming to Stirling on 27th April with Junk Trunk! There's a pre-concert workshop, so grab your gear and get going with your very own instruments then!

We've also taken concerts to Pitlochry, Elgin and Glenrothes where we had some great audiences who were up for lots of participation! As ever, the guys were a hit with their cheeky charm and friendly banter!

Ever the professionals - check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Owen & Olly warming up for the Bongos & Brass concert in Elgin!

Our Commonwealth Celebration Concert Going For Gold, is on Sale!

We're thrilled to be hosting a concert in celebration of the Commonwealth Games and very excited to be collaborating with some amazing talent across the country. For full details, please see below!

Going For Gold is our contribution to Culture 2014!

Tricks for Turning Junk into Funk No. 5!

Check out the latest instalment of our Junk Trunk extravaganza!

Click on the worksheet below and you're ready to agogo!!

Agogo Bell Worksheet

Tricks for Turning Junk into Funk No. 4!

Stuck for ideas on a rainy day? Look no further!

Be inspired by the weather and get creative!

[Warning: Play your instrument in moderation - we don't want it to rain forever!]

Rainstick Worksheet

Tricks for Turning Junk into Funk No. 3!

Grab our version of this instrument below!

Groovy guiro!

Our Commonwealth Celebration Concert is Now on Sale!

Grab your tickets for Glasgow's concert now (Dundee will go live shortly!) and let's all Go For Gold!

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Box Office: 0141 353 8000

To book online, click here

Tricks for Turning Junk into Funk - No. 2!

Hi everyone!

We gave you a hint for this a few weeks ago, but here's the official worksheet to download to make your very own glass xylophone!

Glass Xylophone Worksheet

Let's see how many different tunes you can get out of it!

All Drummed Up!...Got off to a Smashing Start!

We were thrilled to see everyone on Monday having a bash and enjoying the beats!

Stay tuned for the latest photos of all the drumming action. See you next time! (Monday 3rd)

Here are the other dates you need to know:

There's no workshop on Mon 10th as it's the school holiday - have a night off!

We're jammin' on:

17th Feb

24th Feb

3rd March

8th March is concert day! We'll be performing at Shake Rattle & Roll!

10th March

17th March

24th March

after that? ... Watch this space!

Tricks for Turning Junk into Funk - No. 1!

Take a look at our downloadable instruction sheet below for our version of a sensational Samba shaker! (It's been given the CCC sparkle!)

Samba shaker worksheet

So let's get stuck in and make some super fun sounds!

Junk Trunk...let's turn junk into funk!

If you’re coming to see Owen and Olly in any of our Junk Trunk concerts or Garbage Band workshops then watch this space for downloadable instructions on how to make some cool instruments out of things you find around the house!

In the meantime let’s get experimenting with sound! Here’s a mission for this week:

Try putting different amounts of water in a glass bottle (grown-ups might need to join in with this) and blowing across the top to get a note. What happens to the sound when you put more water in, or tip some out?

Your bottle might sound great, but it probably doesn’t look the part yet...why not go a step further and collect other bottles, fill them with different water levels and create your own bottle xylophone! To jazz it up a bit, you could dye the water different colours - we love this rainbow-inspired example!

Have fun!