Children’s Classic Concerts

From School Hall to Concert Hall, be part of the full Children’s Classic Concerts’ experience. Our Classic Package is ideal for school groups, especially primary classes.



The Workshop

The main purpose of the educational workshops is to introduce the children to the instruments and format of a classical orchestral concert. All of our concerts are strongly themed to capture the children's attention and to introduce classical music in a fun and engaging way.

Each workshop will be given in school by one of our education team - all professional musicians trained as educational specialists.

Each workshop lasts for around 45 minutes and can involve up to 30 school children. Preferably, the workshops take place in a hall or other large space. Each workshop will cover the instruments of the orchestra along with their families, the purpose of a conductor, and what it is like to play as part of a team. The musician leading the workshop will also discuss their own instrument in detail and give a short performance to demonstrate the individual sound of their specialised instrument. Each workshop is adapted to include the theme of the concert and will take place in school time close to the linked concert (usually at some point during the week preceding the concert).


The Concerts

Benefit from all you learned in your workshop as you experience the excitement of a live classical concert! The concert will last approximately one hour - ideal for children who have never experienced the thrill of a concert before. Each piece in the concert is always introduced in a lively manner, helping the listener to really understand the intention behind each piece. For a full description of the concerts on offer this season please click here.

To book the Classic Package for a school group please call on 0141 334 8500
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The Classic Package (workshop + concert) costs only £7.50 per child.