Children’s Classic Concerts

All the fun of the Children’s Classic Concerts experience in a reduced format delivered in your school.


Mini Adventures

Our Mini Adventures are designed specifically for schools that may be geographically too remote to travel to our main concerts or have difficulty attending due to the concerts being outwith school hours.

Professional musicians join the CCC education team to deliver live performance, active participation and learning outcomes as set out in the current music curriculum.

Each Mini Adventure is designed to be flexible regarding numbers of participants and age groups. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements should you feel that there is not a project available that entirely meets your criteria.

The Packages

Pirate Voyage

Set sail to discover music from the four corners of the world!
4 musicians deliver a 90 minute project

Age range: P1—P7
Up to 120 children: £500
Up to 250 children: £750

Epic Explorers

Discover your own creative potential in a project working with words and music.
4 musicians deliver a 90 minute project

Age range: P4—P7, S1—S2
Up to 120 children: £500
Up to 250 children: £750

Tiny Adventures

Through movement, puppets and rhyme, this project introduces the basic elements
of music-making. 2 musicians create a fun-filled 60 minute session

Age range: Nursery—P3
Up to 30 children: £300

Time Trekkers

Be your own musical Time Lord as we travel through time and space exploring music from all ages. 4 musicians deliver a 90 minute project

Up to 120 children: £500
Up to 250 children: £750


Beat That!

Beat That! is a percussion based music project working with the resources in your school to explore music-making, creative and individual thinking and active participation as set out in the curriculum for excellence for the expressive arts. This project also encourages cross-curricular activity through art, creative writing and cultural learning. 2 musicians deliver 4 half-day sessions for up to 60 children, culminating in a performance in school. The project also includes staff training and support and resource materials.

Recommended age range: P4—P7
Project Cost: £1000


To book your Mini Adventure please call CCC on 0141 334 8500 or alternatively email