Children’s Classic Concerts

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9 March 2015, 6:30pm, Elgin



Owen and Olly joined forces with some of the best string players in the country in their latest showstopper, Fiddlesticks. More madcap musical mayhem ensued, this time featuring violins and vibraphones, clarsachs and cowbells and basses of both the drum and string variety!

With loads of fun and audience participation, Fiddlesticks was a must-see fusion of traditional and contemporary styles for music fans of all ages - there were some truly top tunes from classical to ceilidh that had everyone up on their feet, dancing in the aisles!

Take a look below at some lovely audience feedback - they're telling us about their favourite bits...


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox


The Fejes Quartet and Savourna Stevenson (plus Moray Music Centre's Junior String Orchestra - Elgin only)


“Getting to see a real live string quartet and quintet playing for the first time in my life!!”

Neve Paterson, age 10

“The superhero section – I thought Olly and Owen were very funny and the music outstanding. I loved playing my violin on stage and getting the chance to keep time on the wooden xylophone – awesome :)”

Abigail Nye, age 11

“The upbeat tempo, but mainly how interchangeable instruments can be in making music dance.”

Lena McKechnie, age 12 ½

“My favourite part of the concert was the FCs jig because it was fast and they were jumping and going between each other to hit the notes. They played it on tuned percussion instruments instead of violins which it was written for. I also enjoy playing the glockenspiel at school. ”

Logan Cosgrove, age 13

“I liked the violins because I play the violin. I loved the music and the harp was very good. Thank you! ”

Iona Parkin, age 8

“My favourite part of today was creating the improvising piece. I liked it because we made our own song that sounded good and we performed it not long after we made it. ”

Eve Newlands, age 13