Children’s Classic Concerts

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18 May 2014, 3pm, Dundee

Going For Gold


What a musical celebration of inspiration, ambition and talent for Culture 2014 and the Commonwealth Games!

We visited 2 cities, inviting 800 young performers to join us, with one aim - to Go For Gold!

There were sporting celebrations, medal-winning performances and hilarious opportunities for audience participation (miming all 17 Commonwealth sports for example) at this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime showcase event.

Check out the review of the Dundee concert by Garry Fraser at The Courier and this most wonderful piece of feedback from one of the young people who took part:


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox
  • Conducted by Christopher Bell


The RSNO, The RSNO Junior Chorus, NYCoS (13 Regional Choirs), RCS Juniors and CCC's All Drummed Up! participants.


“My favourite part was when me and my friends and all the children from all the other area choirs stood up and joined in with the song ‘We Can Fly’. The surge of voices filled the entire concert hall and made me feel so happy inside. I’m so pleased I can sing and thankful I took part in the concert.”

Conan Mowbray (West Lothian area choir, NYCoS)