Children’s Classic Concerts

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7 March 2015, 2pm, Perth

Junk Trunk


Percussion superstars Owen & Olly drummed up a storm with Junk Trunk - a show-stopper full of surreal sights and sounds!

There was lots of joining in involving some funky home-made instruments created out of household junk!

From dustbin drum-kits, hosepipe horns and a 'floover' (flute made of an old piece of hoover pipe!) and classical favourites to jazzy jam sessions, this action-packed family concert was a big hit and definitely not just a load of old rubbish!

Check out some quotes below from our lovely audience members who were telling us about their favourite parts!


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox


John Kenny (Trombone), Una MacGlone (Double Bass) and Emma Roche (Flute)


“My best bit was the beginning (Junk Funk) because it was musical and active. ”

Owen Gosling, age 8 ½

“My favourite bit was when they show the fantastical instruments – floover, t-chest bass, hose pipe. I’m definitely gonna make my own. And, at the end I got carried away riding my horse, nearly breaking a chair! ”

Anna Gosling, age 11

“Lots of weird and entertaining instruments. Can’t wait for the next concert, extremely fun. ”

Ben Marshall, age 9

“The man playing the shell (John Kenny). I am going to try this at home or on the beach ”

Dylan Wilson, age 6

“All of it! ”

Alasdair Dawes, age 8