Children’s Classic Concerts

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21 May 2016, 11am, Perth

Roald Dahl's The Three Little Pigs


We huffed and we puffed and we blew the audience away with this enchanting concert for all the family! Our madcap presenters Owen and Olly were joined by CCC's brand-new mini orchestra for a fun-filled hour of musical storytelling, well-known tunes and lots of joining in.

Featuring The Three Little Pigs from Revolting Rhymes, this concert celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and brought to life some of his best-loved stories. With musical party games, twists and turns and a cake fit for the man himself, there was something for everyone to enjoy! Please see some of the audience comments we received below, where folk told us about their favourite bits!

With thanks to Creative Scotland, The Gannochy Trust and Perth Festival of the Arts


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox


Scotland's newest mini-orchestra!


“It was a very hard choice because all of it was mind-boggling but I think the most flabbergasting part was the finale, because it really tempted me to dance like an insane baboon (but I didn’t).”

Danny Urquhart, age 9

“My favourite part of the concert was when the orchestra played Dance Macabre because it’s my favourite piece of classical music. I like it because it’s very scary.”

Sarah Corr, age 10

“Olly’s expression in the speaking parts (of Three Little Pigs).”

Maddie McGregor, age 9

“The Three Little Pigs because it told a different story and was funny.”

Brea Campbell, age 9

“The Three Little Pigs, because Red Riding Hood was in her underwear!”

Max Dalrymple, age 7

“He really liked the 3 Little Pigs when the wolf came down and was looking for the last pig. And he thinks your violinist is REALLY a witch!!”

Reed Lamond, age 4

“When the wolf died, because he took soooo long to die!”

Grace Corstorphine, age 8

“I loved the minpins beacasue they were cute and funny, and it was creepy. That’s what I love about Roald Dahl.”

Olivia Bethune age 7 (almost 8)