Children’s Classic Concerts

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3 March 2018, 2:30pm, Dundee

Tartan Tales


Join the clans of the Children’s Classic Concerts mighty mini-orchestra for a musical journey through the swirling mists of Scottish myths and legends. Irrepressible hosts Owen and Olly will act as your guides, weaving together stories and sound - gallop through the night on Tam O’Shanter’s horse, surf the stormy waters of Fingal’s Cave, and fight the mysterious Misterstourworm - you might even be lucky enough to spot Nessie along the way!

Make sure to choose your clan before we pay a visit to the battlefields of Braveheart - will you band with the strong #clanstrings, pledge your loyalty to the wily #clanwind, or fight for the bold #clanbrass? Pick your favourite, and meet the musicians after the concert!


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Olly Cox
  • Conducted by CCC's Essential Orchestra Leader


A meet the musicians session!

When and Where

3 March 2018 (Saturday)
2:30pm at Caird Hall Map