Children’s Classic Concerts

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2 November 2014, 3pm, Edinburgh

The Monsters' Ball


Owen and Olly had a brilliant time at the Monsters' Ball! They both dazzled the RSNO and the lovely audience with their dapper outfits and daring dance moves! It was a Strictly Spooktacular concert! Many thanks to our fabulous pro dancers (take notes Owen & Olly!) Ryan Ferrie and Emily Byrt - you brought everything to life!

We were also overwhelmed by the terrifyingly tremendous effort that was put into your costumes! The competition was fierce and our esteemed judges were mightily impressed by your home-made designs and fantastic finishing touches. It was fab to see everyone in their freaky finest! Another big thank you to A1 Toys for sponsoring us and offering an epic trolley dash as the prize! See you for more dressing up fun next year!!

Take a look below at some brilliant comments from the audience about their favourite bits!


  • Presented by Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox
  • Conducted by Jean-Claude Picard


The Royal Scottish National Orchestra


“The music because I play cello and it is a big inspiration to hear the orchestra play.”

Amélie Madden, age 10

“My favourite part was when it started because I knew it was going to be excellent and my eyes were swelling up because I was SO EXCITED! ”

Zöe Riemersma, age 10

“When Owen & Olly were playing their instruments – I liked how they could use 4 beaters”

Jo smith, age 5

“It was fun seeing my parents dance.”

Lewis Tough, age 10

“Ha! Ha! Ha! When the witches chased the man who was watching them (Tam O' Shanter). It was so funny because of their crazy moves and he was running away but the witch caught up and pulled off the horse’s tail – oh no! Poor horse!”

Tia Murray, age 6