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Children’s Classic Concerts provides children and families with a unique, fun-filled introduction to live orchestral music. From the mind-blowing power of the symphony orchestra to hands-on workshops in your local arts venue, our performances are designed to entertain and inspire.

What’s on

Roald Dahl’s The Three Little Pigs

We’re delighted to be bringing our phizz-whizzing concert ‘Roald Dahl’s The Three Little Pigs’ to Edinburgh and Inverness in February 2024. CCC’s very own 20-piece Essential Orchestra returns with a rather splendiferous performance featuring a concert version of the author’s Revolting Rhymes poem for orchestra and narrator. Explore the different instruments of the orchestra as they bring his most whoops-whiffling characters from the much-loved stories to life. Whether you are new to the orchestra or know your piccolo from your tuba, this will be a swashboggling concert for all the family. Guaranteed to entertain even the most biffsquiggled Snozzwanger with fabulous performances, theatrical staging, crazy costumes and plenty of opportunities to join in. As our audience in Aberdeen and Dundee last year commented: “You’ve got the perfect formula of music and entertainment.”   “It was all mind-boggling but the most flabbergasting part was the finale, because it really tempted me to dance like an insane baboon!”

Out of this World

Soar ‘Out of this World‘ with Children’s Classic Concerts and their very own 20-piece Essential Orchestra. Boldly going where no orchestra has been before, the CCC Enterprise will take you on an orchestral odyssey exploring musical galaxies far, far away – and perhaps meeting some instrument-playing aliens along the way! Ideal for children ages 4-12 and their families, this is perfect entertainment for the whole family and a cosmic introduction to the orchestra.

Roald Dahl’s The Three Little Pigs On Tour

Discover the wind ensemble in this concert which is perfect for 4-12 year-olds and their families.

Latest News

I’ve never seen volunteer hands go up so quickly for audience participation. Who could resist having a go at something that sounds so exciting and looks so much fun? Their rapport with the audience was instantaneous, their enthusiasm infectious.


…every year the Children’s Classic Concerts people can be relied upon to bring the little bit of Christmas magic that gets the snowball rolling.


It [is] a hoot if you’re already an established music lover but, more importantly, it’s an accessible and fright-free way to introduce kids to orchestral music for the first time.


...vital to Scotland’s musical heritage.


Owen and Olly have dressed up, messed up (intentionally) and had a blast introducing the Royal Scottish National Orchestra to young audiences.


With your support we can continue to introduce children and families across Scotland to the wonderful world of music for many years to come.

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