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What an amazing story…

It’s always great to receive feedback about how we’re doing, and Owen and Olly especially love hearing from you! On this occasion, they were astonished by the time and effort that Polly (9) and Tessa (7) Quaile had put in to tell them about a very important aspect of the CCC experience – the epic William Tell finale at the end of a big concert with the RSNO. Its lively pulse gets everyone going and sends us on our way with the energy needed for the rest of the day. But, hold your horses, Polly and Tessa are in the saddle now, having written the most wonderful letter to our cheeky chaps, warning them that their hobby horse prop isn’t quite up to scratch!

To rectify this, they’ve made their own much-improved versions (we love the silver and gold finishes – perfect for Xmas) and are donating them to the cause (Christmas is the time for presents after all!) We were delighted, neigh, jumping for joy when we first saw the photos and couldn’t wait to see Owen and Olly each take to the stage with a more stable steed, worthy of their ‘standing as musicians’ 🙂

Have a read of their lovely letter (below) and take a look at the moment that Polly and Tessa presented the horses to Owen and Olly backstage before the beginning of Deck the Halls!

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