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With support from Moray Music Centre (MMC) and Creative Scotland, our professional team of musicians (Owen, Olly, Savourna Stevenson – also an inspirational composer, and The Fejes String Quartet) will deliver an original workshop for members of MMC’s Junior String Orchestra next Monday (9th March) ahead of the Fiddlesticks concert! They’ll be bringing Savourna’s setting of Hans Christian Anderson’s story, The Snow Queen to life – a fantastic chance to learn about how musical sounds are built up to create atmospheric and thrilling music. The young people can let their imaginations run wild and will be making a real contribution to Savourna’s existing score; the workshop experience will be made all the more meaningful by their involvement and performance in the concert.

Children’s Classic Concerts presenter Owen Gunnell:

“Really looking forward to working with the JSO, from what I’ve heard they’ll do a fantastic job of helping us perform The Snow Queen. We’ve had such a great reaction in Elgin before. Our audiences have always been up for a laugh and they really get into the music!

The Fiddlesticks programme has something for everyone, from Hollywood superhero medleys to Scottish jigs and dancing in the aisles!

Children’s Classic Concerts presenter Oliver Cox:

“We’ll be counting on the audience to help us out as usual, so expect lots of participation! We’ve got a great programme and the performance along with the JSO will be a real highlight for us and hopefully something memorable for them! Can’t wait!”

John Mustard, Head of Instrumental Instruction Services:

“I am delighted that Moray Council’s Moray Music Centre will be working in collaboration with Children’s Classic Concerts. This is a fantastic opportunity for the young people from MMC’s Junior String Orchestra to experience both a workshop and concert with top professionals.”

Don’t miss Fiddlesticks, Monday 9th March, Elgin Town Hall, 6pm. Book tickets here, or on the door (open from 5:30pm)!

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