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Massive congratulations to Abigail Nye, Charlotte Schmautz, Florrie Newberry and Skye Wilson who took part in quizzes from our concerts in New Galloway (Bongo Fury) Elgin and Stirling (Fiddlesticks) and Perth (Junk Trunk) this Spring! They gave us some fabulous feedback! See below for their winning answers about their favourite bits of the concert…

“The superhero section – I thought Olly and Owen were very funny and the music outstanding. I loved playing my violin on stage and getting the chance to keep time on the wooden xylophone – awesome :)”
Abigail, Fiddlesticks (Elgin)

“I really liked when Olly and Owen played the gypsy dance (Czardas). I liked it because they played it really well and it was funny.”
Charlotte, Fiddlesticks (Stirling)

“I loved the workshop because it was lively and also really fun. My favourite piece in the concert was ‘Bongo Fury’ because it’s full of energy and I got into the beat!”
Florrie, Bongo Fury (New Galloway)

“When I went up on stage and got to play the gong because I love to play music.”
Skye, Junk Trunk (Perth)

Signed drumsticks and tambourines from Owen and Olly are on their way to you. Well done!

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