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On Saturday 2nd May at 4pm, our lovely Olly will be at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to lead a mix of young instrumentalists and professional musicians to perform Terry Riley’s minimal composition, ‘In C‘. Check out the way the music changes as time goes on and be inspired! You’re invited to grab a cushion, get comfy, and chill out at this cool, contemporary concert (it’s free)!

Then, Olly and friends will be back to get busy with making some noise in free music-making sessions on Sunday 3rd May (suitable for ages 4 -12). Look out for the ‘Percussion Jam Workshops‘, starting at 10:30am and 12:30pm (lasting approx. 45 minutes). Come along and express yourself in the Strathclyde Suite!

There’ll be plenty of instruments to try; from djembes and drums, cowbells and claves through to the tuneful metallophone and the mighty marimba!

This comes as part of an exciting weekend for contemporary music; 2 world-famous composers (often considered the finest of the 20th Century); Steve Reich and Philip Glass will be in Glasgow to captivate the crowds with their stand-out works.

As if that wasn’t enough, CCC Champion and superstar percussionist Colin Currie is also in town to perform brand new music from Reich. Catch him in concert (joined by our very own Owen!) on Sunday 3rd May at 4pm!

For more info and the full list of activities and concerts, click here!

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