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It’s payback time! The Big Bad Wolf is back on the prowl, and our Three Little Pigs have begun to howl! Who can save them, our force for good? Could it be that little Red Riding Hood….

After a sell-out show in 2016, our 18-piece mini-orchestra is taking Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs to Dundee’s Caird Hall. Adapted* from the beloved author’s Revolting Rhymes, our live-action, live music staging of the dramatic showdown between wolf, pig and hooded heroine has a twist in the tale!

It’s not just a musical comment on the literal instability of the housing market, however: led by our dynamic duo, Owen & Olly, you’ll learn about the Big Friendly Giants and Witches of the instrument world, take part in our audience dance-along, and have the chance to meet our musicians after the concert – we promise the wolf won’t bite!

See the highlights from our production at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling last year, in the video below.

*By composer Paul Patterson, who turns 70 this year!

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