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Once upon a time a pair of roving percussionists, brave and true, were driving through the Scottish countryside, enjoying the fair hills, and the warm sun*. “Olly”, said Owen, for those were indeed the lads’ names, “That was a braw concert, filled with many a lively tune, and a roaring crowd. But what shall we turn our drumming sticks to next?” Just then, they passed the shores of the bonny Loch Ness, and Olly exclaimed aloud: “Why, what could be better? Our next concert should be inspired by the myths and monsters of Scotland!” And they became so excited at the thought, singing out their favourite Scottish songs, that they failed to notice the mysterious head rising from the waters of the loch… 

Ok, so maybe that’s not completely true…  but we can confirm that our Essential Orchestra is back: with a brand new show, taking you on a musical journey through the swirling mists of Scotland’s fantastical fables – we give you, Tartan Tales! Scotland’s a country of wild places, home to mysterious creatures, and fearsome warriors; there’s a whole history of amazing stories and landscapes to choose from, and we’ve put together a concert that pulls together a few of our favourites – from the dramatic, through the scary, to the downright silly. Navigate the stormy waters of Fingal’s Cave, triumph over the mighty Misterstourworm, and cheer on the sure-footed horse of Tam O’Shanter. And well, because it’s us, there’ll be a few surprises along the way…  all climaxing in an original medley created for Tartan Tales (arranged by Paul Campbell), featuring music from beloved Scottish family films! 

We’re also inviting the brave hearts in our audience to choose their own clan, from amongst the orchestra. There’s always been some friendly rivalry between instrumental sections and now they’re on the look-out for new recruits: will you band with the strong #clanstrings, pledge your loyalty to the wily #clanwind, or fight for the bold #clanbrass? Decide during the concert, and then join the musicians after the show, for a chance to try playing your favourite instrument. 

We’ll be stopping in Perth (part of the rather fabulous Perth Festival of the Arts) and Stirling (Macrobert Arts Centre) – catch you there! 

Now you’ll have to excuse us – we’ve just had a call from a rather frantic Owen & Olly, something about a giant flipper…

*Well, this *is* a fairytale

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