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We were really happy to receive so many beautiful rainbow creations from families who follow us on social media over the weekend. Putting them together in this short film was really fun and we hope you like the result! The lovely soundtrack was given to us (with permission) by the amazing Seonaid Aitken and was recorded by Slumbertime Strings. They’ve done a whole album of lullabies for kids, so if you like this, then check out the others on iTunes!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Harold Arlen arr. Seonaid Aitken.
Children’s Classic Concerts (CCC) does not own the rights to the backing track, but has been given permission by Seoanid Aitken.

Slumbertime Strings:

Violin 1 Seonaid Aitken
Violin 2 David Laing
Viola Francesca Hunt
Cello Sonia Cromarty