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Have you ever wondered what Owen gets up to when he’s not on stage? Until early this year he was always on the move, jet-setting around the world performing to sell-out crowds, but with things now up in the air, he’s spending more time than ever before inside his percussion store…

Since the pandemic began, musicians everywhere have been adjusting to life in lockdown, getting used to playing solo instead of with their mates and everyone at CCC is seriously missing that special buzz you get from live concerts. But, with some time on his hands, Owen thought it would be good to let CCC fans in on a few trade secrets – you may have seen him showing off a bit at the front of the stage, usually in an epic medley-finale (we like to mash-up the hits) but there’s not always a chance to celebrate the instruments themselves, and so, we give you a brand-new film series; ‘Owen’s Percussion Store!’ He’s kick-started it all with a glimpse into his treasure-trove of tuned percussion instruments and with monthly episodes, featuring different themes, there’s loads to look forward to!

If you missed his first videos with demos and fun facts for all the family on Facebook last week, never fear! You can find everything here, covering the marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel and vibraphone – never get mixed up again!

We hope you enjoy this sneaky peek into Owen’s natural habitat* filled with instruments of all sizes, shaky toys, boxes, rockets – all standard stuff. Keep an eye out for the next instalment, as well as some creative online resources (free to access) and competitions coming your way throughout our 2020-21 season.
*Not to be rude, but we’re pleasantly surprised by how organised it is!!

Video 1 – The Magnificent Marimba
Perfect for mellow melodies – and…relax

Video 2 – The Zappy* Xylophone (*pretending xylophone starts with ‘Z’)
The happiest of instruments – get your recommended daily dose

Video 3 – The Glorious Glockenspiel
Small but mighty – it shows its mettle and cuts through the noise!

Video 4 – The Vivacious Vibraphone
It’s super cool and sends all the right vibes

Video 5 – Tuned Percussion Together
Owen’s joined by his friend Toby (his O Duo partner in crime) for a socially distanced jam session using all the instruments and more. Bonus points for naming these tunes!