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Hi everyone, it’s just 1 week until the Halloween blockbuster premiere of The Haunted Concert Hall, so to celebrate, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite ideas for making the most out of the spooky season! There’s obviously no need to complete all the steps*, but we hope some of this is useful…

STEP 1: 

Create a costume: Recycle something old in your wardrobe or reach for a cardboard box and the paint pots! Here’s some inspiration from past entrants to our infamous competition. The judges love a home-made creation and sometimes simple is most effective (make sure you see step 9)! Will you take on a classic character:

or go different way and invent your own bit of frightening fashion? 

STEP 2: 

Pick up a pumpkin (not to be confused with penguins, no other explanation needed really). Bonus points if you’ve grown your own during lockdown. 

STEP 3: 

Carve your pumpkin – over to CountryLiving for tips on this one – find some cool patterns and decorating ideas, here.

STEP 4: 

Use the leftovers for a tasty pumpkin pie (other dishes available)! Here are some recipe suggestions:  

Classic Pumkin Pie (Simply Recipies), Vegan Pumpkin Pie (BBC Good Food), Dairy and Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie (The Spruce Eats)

Or perhaps use them in a different way – this bird feeder is a really cool idea (Family Days Tried and Tested).
*If you’re not a fan of pumpkins, we apologise. Please skip steps 2-4.

Think about other sweet (or savoury) treats you might like to try, or just pass the popcorn round – you’ll be onto a winnerHere’s a video with a variety of concoctions courtesy of So Yummy:

Get crafty and decora
te! Check out these links and photos for inspiration: 
Milk bottle ghosts (Eighteen 25)

Appleprint pumpkin paintings (Whirlybobble) Grab some orange paint (or red and yellow mixed!) slice an apple in half and have fun! Add pen once they’re dry to finish off the details and perhaps string them up like bunting?

Spooky salt dough hand-print decorations (The Best Ideas for Kids) To make salt dough, all you need is 250g plain flour, 125g table salt and 125ml water. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl first, then stir the water in until it comes together in a ball. After that you’re ready to roll/mould/create (make sure you flour your worksurface a bit so it doesn’t stick and make a hole in the dough for hanging). Bake on the lowest oven setting for up to 3 hours or until solid. Leave to cool and then paint on your design. 

Hanging bat (Buggy and Buddy)


Invite friends and familyWe’d love to see folk from all over the UK tuning in to watch The Haunted Concert Hall. If you’re able to plan a viewing at the same time as your loved ones (wherever they live) – ideally for the premiere itself starting at 2pm, it’ll feel like you’re in it together. You could even have a video call during or after the film to have a chat about your best bits (thank goodness for ZoomSkype, WhatsApp, Teams, Jitsi and all the rest)!


Set the scene. This one’s easy – draw the curtains, turn the lights down and the music up!

STEP 9: 

Enter our costume competition by posting a photo as The Haunted Concert Hall film premiere streams on the CCC Facebook page (starts at 2pm!) or afterwards, up until 9am on Monday 2 November. 

STEP 10:

Leave us a comment under the film on our Facebook page ask a question or give a reviewwe’d love to hear from you

So there you have it, our top tips for a wicked weekend – enjoy!