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2020, we won’t be too sad to see you go, although there have been some memorable moments that we’d like to share with you again now.

We had an amazing time in Dundee and Aberdeen with our Tartan Tales concerts as well as Fife and Inverness with our Peter and the Wolf on Tour (quintet) performances, pre-pandemic. Then came an opportunity to regroup, and strengthen our connection with you online – you sent some beautiful rainbow pictures which we set to music, courtesy of Slumbertime Strings:


We ran a poetry competition with composer, Claire McCue and winner, Molly Barrett’s ‘Hello’ lyrics now feature in a brand-new song (more on this in 2021);

Our musicians and friends created some brilliant material to enjoy at home; Owen invited us into his Percussion Store and we produced 2 blockbuster concert films along with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, The Haunted Concert Hall, and The Night Before Christmas (kindly sponsored by La Bonne Auberge) which were met with such lovely responses.

There are loads of exciting things headed your way in 2021, starting off with our ‘Music Sparks’ series of projects for families and schools which you’ll find available here in due course. First on the list is ‘Create your Own Concert’ where we let you in on some trade secrets and take you through all the stages, from early planning to performance.

A huge thank you for supporting us, we’re thinking of you all and hope to reunite with you for live performances as soon as it’s safe to do so. Happy New Year!