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Although we’ve started 2021 from a position no-one wants to be in, we hope that we can be of some help through the next few weeks at home and beyond. There are so many pressures on families and teaching staff right now, and so we’ll be putting out some free, ready-to-use projects that aim to spark the musical imagination, but above all, are about having fun and trying something new.

No previous experience is necessary, the activities can be done with minimal materials or everyday items and you can dip in and out as flexibly as you like. The project packs are designed to let you get started straight away without preparation time, but of course, you’re very welcome to interpret our projects as suits you best. All will be easily downloadable from the website.

Coming up in our Music Sparks series (in order of availability):

Create your Own Concert – Available Now!

Meet the CCC team, hear about how we work and have a go yourselves at inventing your dream concert. There’s lots you can think about from the bigger picture (like your theme) to the smaller details (like the font on your poster) which we’ll take you through step-by-step, and it doesn’t have to stop there, virtual performances welcome!

Junk Trunk – Available Now!

Recycling bin overflowing? Make sure you hold on to some bits and pieces! If you love crafting and the chance to make a noise, then this is the project for you we’ll show you ways to invent your own instruments, play them, and help the environment in the process! 


Acorns to Oaks – From 22 March 2021

An intergenerational musical mission to connect families, suitable for pre-school and up - whether you’re age 4 or 104. Pick a buddy, enjoy some fresh air and get in tune with nature. Seonaid Aitken, our very own songbird joins Owen for fun ways to explore sound in the great outdoors.

Music Tells a Story – From 26 April 2021

This project does what it says on the tin and invites you to create a musical soundtrack to a story (maybe a family-favourite or just made up), helping to bring the words to life using sounds found around the house. CCC musicians give their top tips and share some entertaining examples!

So, prepare to set your inner musician free with CCC and please spread the word – don’t just keep it on the download!
Many thanks to Creative Scotland for their support.

The CCC Team ?