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Welcome to our Countdown Diary! We are ticking off the sleeps until we board ‘Ghost Ship’, so over the coming weeks you’ll get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at CCC to prepare for the concerts, how the musicians get concert-ready and you may even get a sneak peak at some of our swashbuckling props that make our performances even more magical! Join us each week for a new instalment.


5 Weeks to Go!

Ahoy! Last week, on social media, we asked you if you could figure out where we were…and Stewart Brand and Caroline M Beaton guessed correctly. We were at Glasgow’s wonderful Tall Ship! But what were we doing there? We invited some of the fabulous RSNO musicians and Junior Chorus member Hannah to join Owen on our photoshoot. We had such fun doing this – as you can see from the pictures, as did our models!
Organising a photoshoot – finding a location, getting dressed up, working with talented photographers – is one of the most exciting parts of promoting a concert. We hope you love the pictures as much as we do, and they certainly capture all that CCC is about: musical family fun! The photoshoot has made us even more excited about the ‘Ghost Ship’ concerts on Halloween weekend.
Thanks to John Young for his fantastic photography, and for the The Tall Ship for looking after us!


4 Weeks to Go!

This week, we’re really going to take you behind the scenes…For those of you who have been to one of our concerts, you’ll know we do love to make the concert hall as exciting and as enchanting as possible. And how do we do this? Props! Props really transform the stage and help transport you to our magical musical world. We have had A LOT of fun gathering props for ‘Ghost Ship’. You can probably imagine what the CCC headquarters looks like…captain’s jackets menacingly hanging up, tricorne hats waiting to be perched on the heads of pesky pirates. We get to explore warehouses full of marvellous props – it’s like being in a Roald Dahl book! Check out what we’ve found! And for the eagle-eyed of you…which picture is the odd one out?




3 Weeks to Go!

The weeks are really flying (or should we say ‘sailing’) in! It’s time for another edition of our Countdown Diary…This week, we’re going to hear from one of the incredible RSNO musicians. We asked Peter Dykes, who is the Associate Principal Oboist in the orchestra (and who was also kind enough to join us in our recent photoshoot!) what he enjoyed about performing with CCC:
“Everything about the CCC experience is fun, fun, fun! From the moment I find out what material is being performed in an upcoming CCC concert, I’m already chuckling with the thought of what Owen is going to do with the music, and most of all, what crazy outfits he has lined up.
We always have a great time at the rehearsals and then when the energy of the brilliant audience is added, it goes up another level! The opportunity to deck myself out in fancy dress for a photo shoot or concert is always a bonus, and I’m more than happy to pick the most outrageous outfit in the name of fun times…
Always among the highlights of my year as an oboe player in the RSNO, the CCC experience is magic!”

2 Weeks to Go!

It’s not long until we set sail on ‘Ghost Ship’…! This week for the Countdown Diary we are pleased to welcome Hannah from the RSNO Junior Chorus. Hannah was kind enough to help us out recently with our rather fantastic photoshoot at Glasgow’s Tall Ship – she had a brilliant time sailing the high C’s with Owen and the RSNO musicians! We asked Hannah how she feels about getting concert-ready…
“Hi everyone, my name is Hannah and I sing in the RSNO probationary choir 2. I will be singing in the Children’s Classics Halloween and Christmas concerts. I’ve been in the choir for two years now, but because of the pandemic I have only done one concert, so I am really excited to finally be singing in another one. I have been going to Children’s Classics Concerts since I was a baby because my mum and dad both play in the RSNO. I really enjoy these concerts because I find them entertaining and fun to watch. My brother is also singing in the choir so all four of my family are going to be on stage, performing together. I’m a lot happier now that we are back practising in real life and not on Zoom. I’m really enjoying the songs that we are learning and my favourite song that we are singing is probably ‘Under The Sea’. The RSNO always dresses up in funny costumes for Halloween, so I am really excited to see them again. I am also a bit nervous because we haven’t done a concert in a long time but I know it’s going to be ok. I can’t wait to be on stage!”

Join us next week as we continue our Countdown Diary…