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We have a very exciting opportunity for you actors out there…We are launching a competition to find Ground Control Commanders to help Owen and the CCC Enterprise escape to safety in ‘Space Invasion‘!

This will be pre-recorded and included in the concerts in Glasgow and Edinburgh – so you’ll get to see yourselves on the big screen! If you’re aged between 5-12 and would like to be involved in this super-galactic mission then we would love for you to enter! Here’s what you need to do… Simply film yourself (or enlist an adult to be your cameraman!) reciting these lines:

“This is ground control, go ahead please…
Okay Crew…attempt to converse with the alien,

But do not go closer, I repeat do not go closer.”

We want action and excitement please so give us your most suspenseful and gripping performance!

Please submit your recording either via WhatsApp (0141 334 6100) or send it to Please include your child’s name and age. The deadline is Thursday the 22nd September at 9am and we’ll announce the winners on the 23rd.
You must be able to attend filming in Glasgow on Sunday the 2nd October – we will schedule your recording between 1 and 4pm.

Good luck!

PS Don’t forget to book your tickets for ‘Space Invasion’ here.