Children's Classic Concerts,
46a Fortrose Street,
G11 5LP UK
0141 334 8500


Concert day events

A CCC experience is never just about the performance.

Come along before the concert or stay afterward and you will find plenty to do at the venue.  Not only might you find school orchestras and concert bands performing in the foyers; our friendly merchandise desk (always well stocked with glow sticks and other goodies), and themed characters handing out stickers (encouraging a selfie or two), we also offer opportunities to try out instruments and learn about the music as well.

Pre-concert workshops

At all our ensemble performances we hold pre-concert workshops.  These 45 minute sessions, for both children and adults, are specially designed to introduce you to the musicians performing in the concert and give some insight into the music you will hear.  Participants have a chance to get involved, try out some instruments and create their own composition with the help of the CCC presenter and musicians.

Meet the Musicians

After all our Essential Orchestra concerts, musicians from the orchestra are on hand to let you try out a variety of the instruments you will have seen and heard during the concert.  So, if you have ever wanted to hit the low notes on a double bass, scratch out a tune on a violin, toot on a flute or blow out a raspberry on a horn, then this is your chance!  Our musicians are happy to share knowledge about their instruments and offer advice as to how to get you started on your own musical adventure.