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Magic and Monsters


With witches, wizards and kelpies on the loose, Owen and Olly knew they had to conjure up a wicked concert to stay out of trouble over the Hallowe'en weekend! We think they did a pretty good job - their magic tricks went off without a hitch and their visit from the Gruffalo turned out to be a real treat!

James Mackenzie captivated the Glasgow and Edinburgh audiences with his enthralling narration of the wonderful Savourna Stevenson's Misterstourworm, and the legendary Royal Scottish National Orchestra produced epic performances as always! Everyone was up at the end throwing some shapes to Thriller (we spotted plenty of dazzling Dad dancing) and the RSNO Junior Chorus had us all spellbound with their spooky singing!

All in all, a fab weekend of family fun!

A1 Toys were amazed at the standard of the costumes entered in this year's competition so well done everybody!!

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  • Presented by
    Owen Gunnell and Oliver Cox
  • Conducted by
    Jean-Claude Picard


The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the RSNO Junior Chorus