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Peter and the Wolf


Children’s Classic Concerts Wind Quintet is off for their first visit to Shetland! We are delighted to present to our northern audience: 'Peter and the Wolf'. This action-packed, interactive concert will showcase some of the best (and silliest!) musicians in Scotland in this unique presentation featuring music by Prokofiev, Khachaturian and a surprise Showtime Medley (by CCC's stalwart arranger, Paul Campbell)

Join us to discover how many composers have used music to tell stories. One particularly famous example is that of 'Peter and the Wolf' by Prokofiev. It tells the story of a young boy who explores the forest next to his house. He makes friends with the animals in the forest and helps to protect them from a hungry wolf - all whilst hiding from his grandfather who had told him not to leave the house. See if you can hear how Prokofiev portrayed the bird (flute), the duck (oboe), the cat (clarinet), the grandfather (bassoon) and not to forget the wolf (the French horn). They are all recognisable by their own melodies and whole stories are told through music.

Our team of musical animals, led by Owen, will move effortlessly from madcap mayhem to virtuoso performances – with plenty of audience participation along the way!  




This performance is supported by The Garfield Weston Foundation and Creative Scotland.



Presented by Owen Gunnell


CCC Wind Quintet