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Tartan Tales


Join the clans of our mighty mini-orchestra for a musical journey through the swirling mists of Scottish myths and legends. Owen will act as your guide, weaving together sound and stories as we explore the fantastical fables of Scotland - gallop through the night on Tam O’Shanter’s horse, surf the stormy waters of Fingal’s Cave, and fight the mysterious monster, Misterstourworm - you might even be lucky enough to spot Nessie along the way! Don't miss this exhilarating adventure for the whole family featuring special guest, James Mackenzie (from CBeebies' Molly and Mack)!

Make sure to choose your clan before we pay a visit to the battlefields of Braveheart - will you band with the strong #clanstrings, pledge your loyalty to the wily #clanwind, or fight for the bold #clanbrass? Pick your favourite, and meet the musicians after the concert!


CCC’s Essential Orchestra


Owen Gunnell, presenter
James Mackenzie, guest narrator