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46a Fortrose Street,
G11 5LP UK
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We’re very excited about the launch of a brand-new project next month, Music Sparks, in partnership with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow

CCC are looking for new neighbours! We have a fantastic space next-door available for sublet from 1 June 2019 that's perfect for a 1-2 person organisation and would make an ideal office, workshop or studio.

We’re gearing up for Soundcycle – a concert that celebrates sport in all its glory (with a focus on cycling)! We can’t wait for everything to come together again next month. Fingers crossed, it’ll be just like riding a bike…

We’ve got a spring in our step now that plans for our upcoming tour are finalised and it would be lovely to see you at some of the venues, if you fancy a day trip or a wee outing!

Not long to go now, just a few more sleeps until the big day! Whilst rushing around to get ready, we’ve been reflecting on CCC’s Xmas celebration, 2018 – what a show!

We’re really happy to be working in partnership with Drake Music Scotland on one of our most ambitious projects yet, tailored for children with additional support needs who have recently made the move from Primary to Secondary school.