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Create your Own Concert

If you’ve ever enjoyed a CCC event, Create your Own Concert gives you the chance to devise a dream performance with advice from our very own creative team.

This could be a ‘paper exercise’ only that’s entirely imaginary, it could end with a virtual presentation featuring an online playlist of music (YouTube videos, for example), or participants could record ‘live’ performances – there are no set rules! CCC’s Artistic Director, Owen Gunnell, and others from the team, have shared their tips and expertise in a short series of films (below) to explain the process of putting an orchestral concert together and help inspire your own creative planning. There’s plenty you can think about, from the bigger picture (like your theme) to the smaller details (such as the font on your publicity!*)
To see more of us in action, click here.

We’ve produced a range of activities inspiring you to consider the size of orchestra/ensemble, programme, marketing design, costumes, props and script.

Next time you’re sat in the audience at one of our concerts, you’ll have a good idea as to how it all came about!

*We’ll be picking our favourite concert idea from those we receive and asking Bex to create a real marketing design, so share your poster and programme ideas with us by emailing
We’ll accept entries until 5 April, good luck! 

Project Resources
Create your Own Concert Activity Pack (pdf)

We’ve put together an interactive pack full of insider info. With a step-by-step plan, suggested activities and links to the films, it’s everything you need to know all in one place.  Just click the link to download and get started!

Create your Own Concert Printable Pack (pdf)

Want to print it?  No problem, here is a printer friendly version – get scribbling and see where your musical imagination takes you!

Stage 1
Pick a Theme
Stage 2
Choose Music to Match
Stage 3
Get Designing
Stage 4
Take your Concert from Page to Stage